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Love in Sand Photo
Love is always on our minds in February, is it not? Valentine’s Day can make those who are in love feel it even stronger, and it can make those who aren’t in a relationship yearn for it even more. But love isn’t just about whether or not we are in a relationship. It’s not about what present we get on Valentine’s Day. What is love really? Love is… happiness! If you were to study people who have found true happiness in their lives, one thing you would notice is their ability to give love. These people have found the key to...

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overcoming addictions
I was recently talking with a woman about addiction–specifically gambling.  We spoke more about the other four well-known addictions: alcohol, drugs, sex and food.  She went on to say that she did not have an addictive personality and there was nothing that she was addicted to.   I know from my work with people that EVERYONE has an area in life that addictive behaviors manifest or have the potential to manifest.  I know people who work very hard to mange their food addiction or offset it with exercise.  There are lots of people who are alcoholics who only regard themselves as “social...
what to do when boomerang or adult kids return home
Not since the Great Depression have so many fledgling adults moved into the empty nest with mom and dad. This cyclical trend has accelerated along with the economic crisis. Faced with school loans, debts or no job, it makes sense to head for home - with its emotional security and financial safety net. If you're a member of the Sandwich Generation, caring for parents growing older as well as kids growing up, adding a boomerang kid to that mix can increase your stress level. Recently the statistics have changed markedly. Monster's 2009 annual entry level job outlook reports that 40%...

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managing teens texting
Now that your teens are in school again, are you concerned they're back to risky behaviors on the Internet - sending inappropriate sexual pictures and texts on their cell phones? If so, you're not alone. A recent survey of parents with children between the ages of 10 and 18 found their number one worry was not school shootings, bullying or grades, but sexting. Nearly half said their child had received some kind of racy message or image in the past. And with impulsive teens not fully grasping the gravity of their actions, many are hitting 'send' before they consider the...

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surviving separation and gaining happiness
Do you want to know an unexpected finding from the Framingham Heart Study, a research project that has been conducted over six decades? Happiness is contagious and the secret may very well be in our connections. Social relationships correlate positively with happiness. That is, if your friend is happy, that increases your probability by 15%. If you've recently separated from your partner, this can be a lonely time for you. Although your marriage may be over, your relationship with your children, family and friends will go on. It's important for them to know that you are grateful they're in your...

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