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Now that summer is in full bloom, are you looking for ways to make new beginnings yourself? You've been seeing flowers popping their heads up, risking bad weather to bloom once more. If you've wanted to make some changes in your old habits but have been bogged down by winter's heavy gloom, now's the time to take a chance and go for it.  Here are some tips to help you start instituting the changes you want make. This summer try out a new perspective as you look at the world in a fresh, new way. You'll be better able to see...

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Each year we go through the ritual of acknowledging our moms on Mother's Day. But how can we demonstrate this love and ever lasting appreciation throughout the year? Recently, I have been spending more time with my mom. Instead of buying my mom gifts or flowers, which are always happily accepted, I thought about the times that I saw my mom the happiest. I thought I would try to re-create those moments with my two brothers. The happiest I've seen my mom is when she is telling us about when we were little and all the fun times we had. She...

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gold, curiosity and building self esteem
What do yoga and visualization have to do with improving your golf game?  More than you think. In March 1999, Susan Morgan wrote an article entitled “Par Excellence” for Mirabella about a five-day workshop called “Golf in the Kingdom: An Exploration of the Deeper Game” at the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California. Being a golfer, the article caught my eye and spurred curiosity. This workshop approach to improving one’s golf game was developed in 1992 by Steve Cohen, an Esalen Gestalt-therapy practitioner and self-described golf hacker. The workshop echoes the philosophy of Esalen cofounder Michael Murphy, who wrote about golfer...

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It is heady stuff to be truly in love and most women describe it as a necessary component, whether married, in a long standing monogamous relationship, or just beginning to date someone. Not that there aren’t other pieces of the pie that count, but women in our culture place such a premium on passion and longing. In fact, we’re sold on the idea – influenced by the media, our friends, our mothers, fairy tales and our own innate desire to have passion in our lives. And while being in love is about an emotional connection, intimacy and chemistry, many times women...
aging and love
Amour, a heartbreaking and unflinching movie is painful to watch but poses the universal question: As the people we love decline, how do we deal with the inevitable suffering? Austrian filmmaker Michael Haneke tackled this subject and won the 2013 Academy Award for best foreign language film. The leads, veteran French actors Jean-Louis Trintignant and Emmanuelle Riva, play a vital Parisian couple in their 80s whose happy marriage gradually unravels. A retired music teacher and her devoted husband of sixty years struggle with the debilitating impact of a stroke on her health and quality of life.  As Georges cares for the...

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