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Aggression and negativity impact on relationships
In my book Unfear: Facing Change in an Era of Uncertainty, is a chapter called, "The Fourth Circle," where I discuss the circle of influence we, as individuals and corporate entities, have on the world around us. This September seems a particularly poignant time to reflect on the unity of purpose and consciousness we must develop as leaders, if we are to impact the creation of a better, more peaceful tomorrow. When we are conscious of our interconnection and interdependence with the larger environment around us, we are able to focus on the ultimate goal of the individual, team and organization; creating...

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911 remembering connection
The insane media coverage of the ten-year anniversary of 9/11 has given me pause. It is a reminder  to build relationships and community, and to value those things in our lives and our work. Despite the overload I feel when I read or watch the news today, I believe it's important for us to remember. And even more important, to be inspired to be the best of ourselves. I remember walking through the Manhattan streets that day, watching paper fall and swirl around in a light wind. The streets were almost empty by 7pm, but small groups were clustered together...
  ?I think my story lit a spark in people and I want to keep the flame alive if I?m not here to do it myself. The way I see it, I can?t lose. Surviving this transplant means a whole new life for me. Dying from this transplant means a whole new life for me. I?ve never been so at peace with something. This is my time to shine, so whether that light shines on Earth or in Heaven, may God?s will be done.? ?Julie Whitt, 2005 Soul Salon International is pleased to solicit nominations each year for the Julie...

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teaching respect
 Making yourself look good doesn't mean kissing up. Dr. Wayne Dyer is widely credited with the wise saying, "You teach others how to treat you." Well, I'm a big believer in that statement. You teach others to regard you as important by respecting your own time and energy, not by always asking "How high?" when they say "Jump." An executive in my coaching practice, "Stan", is a key account director for a global consulting company that works with big-name clients worldwide. His clients are very demanding and will call at all hours of the day or night with requests both...

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sun ray photo
When a room is dark, we turn on a light so we can see. When we need to drive somewhere at night, we turn on our headlights to light our way. Darkness exists in many other aspects of life as well. There is darkness in the body when it is sick or when we have emotional blockages holding us back. There is darkness in our society when people are out for themselves instead of helping each other. There is darkness in our busy lives when we don't take the time to bring lightness inward so we can shine it outward. Darkness and...

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