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Lock Jaw and what to do about it
Imagine waking up in the morning with the inability to open your mouth barely wide enough to stick out your tongue! This could be from a severe case of a TMD (tempomandibular joint disorder).The region of the body affected by this disorder is the part of the jaw near the ear, known as the Tempomandibular Joint. Less severe cases of a TMD can cause sharp pain when biting into hard foods but the jaw still opens normally. People may experience the jaw locking either open or closed. Other symptoms include headaches, neck pain, and even ringing in the ears. What causes...

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October is National Physical Therapy month and as a prospective DPT (Doctorate of Physical Therapy) student and an advocate of celebrating health and vitality, I’ll lay a few things on the line about the practice and its benefits and where I see myself in the future of the field.  First things first, physical therapy aims to help people help themselves.  In my opinion, the claim to fame here is its involvement in the health-care industry as opposed to the so-common sick-care industry!  We don’t have to hang on to or “Band-Aid” our pain and discomfort! The goal of  physical therapy is...

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Jennifer jaff advocate for chronically ill
The chronically ill need advocates.  This past week, , Jennifer Jaff, a valuable figure in the legal rights world for the chronically ill died from  'complications from crohn's disease'.   She'd learned in childhood about living with difficult, unpredictable illness. Jennifer Jaff was  smart and dedicated to her task.  A ground breaker in many ways,  the services  she provided were sadly unique. Legal rights are a critical piece in the effort to allow those living with chronic illness  to live fruitful lives.  But as you might have noticed,  my focus is much smaller.  My mission is to assist individuals in discovering how they can shape...
proper fitting to ride a bike
How can you be sure that you are sitting correctly on your bicycle There are quite a few measurements that should be taken to avoid any "bike-fit" injuries. Some posture tips for a comfortable bike ride have to do with handle bar placement and seat height. If the seat height on your bike is too high it will cause your posture to slouch forward, which could cause low back or neck pain. The grip on your handlebars should be relaxed and hand placement should be changed during your ride to avoid muscle fatigue in one position. If you are having pain...
feeling isolated from chronic illness
Living with a chronic health problem can be awfully isolating.  Even if you're the most social person, there's no one with whom you can share your daily challenges.  You might think it would be easier if you could find someone who also has these challenges. But there's this -- the  mutual sharing of health problems can lead to overload.  Just ask any 85 year old living in an assisted living what it's like when everyone is in as bad shape as you and that's all anyone talks about! But until you get to that point in life when the rest of the world seems to have finally...

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