This site focuses on giving people with chronic health conditions the strategies, tools and insights they need to thrive in their work and their lives.

Rosalind Joffe

Rosalind Joffe

Rosalind Joffe is passionate about coaching people and giving people the tools they need to thrive in their work while living with chronic illness. Rosalind Joffe built on her experience living with chronic illnesses for over 30 years, including multiple sclerosis and ulcerative colitis, when she founded . This unique career coaching firm is dedicated to helping people with chronic illness who care about their work lives develop the skills they need to succeed. A recognized national expert on chronic illness and its impact on career, Rosalind is a seasoned and certified coach, the co-author of Women, Work and Autoimmune Disease: Keep Working, Girlfriend!, publishes a widely read blog, Working With Chronic Illness and can be found on twitter @WorkWithIllness.
What does it take for a person with chronic illness to continue working ?  And, if possible, to do so in a rewarding way?  I've wrestled with  this personally for over 30 years, and more recently in my professional life as a coach/writer/activist of sorts in the past 10 years. A recent New York Times article profiled a  self-described "high powered executive" with schizo affective disorder .  Against all odds, she discovered for herself that the best medicine for her is an intense work environment.  The very idea defied what everyone around her believed. The article cites recent research on...

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Recently, my daughter, Lucy,  a legislative aide to a New York City Council Member, contacted another Council member's legislative counsel, Q.  When Lucy didn't hear back after a few days, she contacted another member of his office. Not long after, Lucy got an email from Q explaining why he had been unavailable.  He had been on a short sick leave because of multiple sclerosis (MS). Would you tell a colleague, whom you don't know well, that you were unavailable because of a chronic illness?  I'll bet not.  Maybe you're even thinking: "Are you nuts?  Why not just sign me up for...

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communication skills when you have chronic illness
Living with chronic illness means that life's challenges become ...  even more challenging. After more than 10 years of coaching people around living with illness and their work life, blogging on this topic,  and in my personal experience, I've decided that the basics matter.  The basics allow a person to thrive, not just survive. Here are my top 3 thriving skills:1.Communication 2.Communication 3.Communication Yup.  It's that important. Let's look at why. First, most illness symptoms are invisible.  No one knows  what your symptom/health is today/ in this moment--  unless you tell them.  And even where some of effects are visible,...

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looking for a new career with chronic illness
Debilitating chronic illness can lead to twisting career turns to accommodate waxing and waning symptoms.  Sometimes it means  "reinventing yourself"  to be able to keep working in some capacity. That was my story.  After 25 years of working in multimedia  (photographer, producer, production company v.p. sales , public school communications teacher and college professor), I threw in the towel when I became too sick to work at any full time job. When I wanted to return to work after a few years, I realized it had to be different.  I couldn't find work that could accommodate my health in my former career...

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tools to change your world
  Some  would say that social media tools (e.g., Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin) have changed the world.  Hyperbole?  Maybe, but for many of us who live with chronic illness it's pretty darn close. Why those who live with illness, in particular?  Well, everyone would agree that social media increases access, crossing boundaries and allows you to go deep into new territory.   It opens your world to new information and people.  Now consider how valuable this is when your physical resources are diminished and limited.  For those of us who live with chronic illness and want to find jobs or build our business, the energy...

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