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Physical Therapist

Physical Therapist

Nancy Whelan,PT is the owner and director of the West Palm Beach Physical Therapy Center. She has 31 years of experience in the practice of Physical Therapy.
Sitting for one hour correlates to a decrease in life expectancy of 21.8 minutes, according to an October 2012 study from the British Journal of Sports Medicine. In this study, they found that on average, people sit for 50-70% of the day. Sitting also puts increased pressure on the discs of our spine and can cause  back and leg pain. As a physical therapist, I frequently treat patients who have low back pain, sciatic pain, and hip pain caused from prolonged sitting. There are several simple lifestyle changes that can give you pain relief and lengthen your life expectancy. First, try to devise...
Spring is on! And, for many people, so is "spring cleaning!" This is the time of year when people feel the need to clean out the humble abode, whether it is sorting through closets or even giving the home a new coat of paint. The hardest part about spring cleaning is getting it all done without tweaking your back or any other body part. Your spring cleaning may never become effortless, but you can make it a lot more manageable. For example, set realistic goals, perhaps day by day. Even Martha Stewart says you couldn't possibly get your "spring cleaning" done...

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"I just want this pain in my neck and these headaches to go away!" I hear this complaint often. Neck pain is very common, and I have found that most people who complain of neck pain also complain of headaches. Sometimes neck pain is caused by injury, but sometimes it is not injury related at all. Car accidents, falls, and even contact sports are common ways of injuring the neck. Whip-lash occurs and the discs in between the vertebrae can be damaged. If discs in the upper or cervical spine are damaged, this can cause headaches because bones are pushing on...

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Osteoporosis is defined as low bone mass or the deterioration of bone tissue. This can increase your risk for fractures of the spine, wrist, and hips. Fractures can occur all over the body, but these areas are where bone mineral density declines first, and most rapidly. How do we prevent our bones from becoming porous and what puts a person at risk? Research has proven that weight bearing exercises will build bone density through the spine and hips. This means exercising with weights while standing, and walking or jogging. Exercises done on the hands and knees will also target the upper...

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It has been almost 2 years since becoming a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, and I can honestly say I LOVE the career I have chosen! There are several reasons why I am happy to go to my job every day, but mainly I enjoy the relationships I build with each patient. I am teaching them something new with every visit and trying to make a difference in the way they feel. But, do they have any idea what they are teaching me? physical therapy and patient treatment

With each patient I build on my relationship skills and gain more insight into the dynamic I share with each individual. I am intrigued by how people learn and understand and it is fun figuring how to connect with patients on that level.

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