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Physical Therapist

Physical Therapist

Nancy Whelan,PT is the owner and director of the West Palm Beach Physical Therapy Center. She has 31 years of experience in the practice of Physical Therapy.

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posture and aging
"Stand up straight!" "Get your shoulders back!" Did you ever hear those words from your parents or a coach? Being conscious of how we carry ourselves is the key to good posture.  However, contrary to popular belief, good posture is more than just pulling your shoulders back and standing up straight. Yes, those are very important factors in having good posture, but having a strong core and lower body strength is equally important. Our upper body makes up 70% of our total body weight; the remaining 30% is comprised of our core and legs, which supports our upper body. If your...
As we age, we begin to notice changes in our physical appearance as well as in what type of recreational activity appeals to us. 15 or 20 years ago, a night of dancing would easily be on the agenda for a fun Friday night, but now a quiet evening with good friends and good food is more appealing. One of the activities I have come to truly enjoy over the years is gardening. I can spend hours planting new flowers or laying fresh mulch without even realizing how much time has passed. But, while it may be enjoyable to spend hours gardening, it...

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do you know your physical limits
The baby boomer generation is defined as individuals who are 45 to 65 year old. I'm right in there. As we age, our physical activity may need to change to avoid stress on joints and muscles.  We might have once enjoyed jogging on a daily basis but now find we have to mix it up so that we are not so sore when we wake up in the morning. Older discs, joints and tendons dehydrate and won't tolerate the constant pounding from impact activities. It doesn't mean that you stop moving, but you can learn to stay active and make your body last....

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managing knee pain without surgery
Did you know surgery is no more effective than physical therapy and medical management for osteoarthritis of the knee? (The New England Journal of Medicine found this to be the case in a report published in Sept. 2008)  When it comes to relieving the pain and stiffness of moderate to severe osteoarthritis of the knee, research shows that physical therapy combined with comprehensive medical management is just as effective as surgery. Learning the right set of exercises designed by a physical therapist can be one of the best protections from injury and surgery. When seeking physical therapy services, it's important...

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There has been alot written about high school sweethearts finding themselves after many years. I currently have two different patients who each reunited with a high school sweetheart after marrying and then losing a spouse. Sweet.   Recently , an old friend from high school reacquainted himself with me on Facebook. I love Facebook for that reason. I have wondered how friends that grew up with me were doing and now I get to find out. Those were simpler times and the memories so clear and innocent. We had our lives in front of us and we were invincible.    When I think of...

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