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Kim Roman Corle is the author of several books including WOW, Wipe Out Worry, a guide to managing worry in 7 practical, easy steps, a guide to raising teenagers in the new millennium and an upcoming book, which focuses on ‘Life Lessons You Might Have Missed.’ She speaks to concerned parents and provides coaching to women and families struggling to overcome verbal and emotional abuse.

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the power of positive thinking
Note to self: the past 24 hours have provided, yet again, a reminder that it is oh-so-important to fill oneself up with the good, the lovely and the positive.  Let's see, we have the dear friend of mine who ran into her ex and felt terrible about herself all over again; the neighbor who can't seem to get in shape and told me "to hell with it" because she doesn't have the time to focus on herself (four children under the age of six); and, the client who was in total (and I mean total) distress as her computer crashed,...

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She casually mentions this ?beach week? thing and how she and five of her good friends would like to go and have the entire ?senior year? experience.  Without even hesitating, I offered a ?sure? remembering how it felt to be 18, wanting to be my very own person, having the freedom to decide what I wanted to do, when and who I wanted to spend time with, and the best of all, deciding what I actually wanted to do.  OH the joy of these decisions, they seemed so freeing.  My Mom had a set approach for dealing with each of...

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butting head with bad bosses
Maybe it is that very word "boss"; the boss of the department, the boss of the organization, the boss of the team but it connotes authority and if one isn't careful to keep appropriate limits, it can result in becoming the boss of you.  When this boss that you work for, and support daily, demeans you (or someone else in front of you) or reacts with yelling, unrealistic demands or contempt, it can rock your world.  And though I have been working for the past 30 years, it never seems to fail  when I encounter this type of "boss person" I am...

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hillary clinton and national women's month
Apparently March is National Women's History Month.  Not much fanfare for this.  In fact, I'm not sure I even knew it existed.  (And, oh please, if you have worked on this or are involved, no disrespect intended).  In the interest of supporting this celebratory note for all of us gals, I can shed a bit of history with you - we are tired.  No matter when they came through, or what period of time they lived, women of all types and ages and ranges are simply pooped. Now I get it, men are too and we all do too much. ...

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