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Kim Roman Corle is the author of several books including WOW, Wipe Out Worry, a guide to managing worry in 7 practical, easy steps, a guide to raising teenagers in the new millennium and an upcoming book, which focuses on ‘Life Lessons You Might Have Missed.’ She speaks to concerned parents and provides coaching to women and families struggling to overcome verbal and emotional abuse.

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life advice for a graduate
As you walk away from your books and studies and move into the bright light of a new reality, your fears, anxieties and concerns will soon become distant friends. Time will quickly march on, and before you know it, you will be in the throws of life and all it has to offer. It's most important to take a moment and reflect on all that you have accomplished. It is amazing to think that four years ago you were just beginning this learning process.  Hearty congratulations to you.  Many steer clear of this path, or never finish what they have...

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Life can be so much fun.  There are people to meet, places to visit, and exciting relationships to enjoy. It?s wondrous when it all works, and it?s terrifying when it doesn?t.  Things happen. Horrible, horrific, and wonderful things ? and these things come every day - every day we are experiencing something new.  Even with the best-laid plans, we can find ourselves in the heat of a moment we didn?t plan.   Our kids get in trouble.  Our spouse gets laid off.  We find out we have a medical issue to manage. Our pay gets reduced.  Our house value goes...
how to effectively manage time as a working mom
  You know those dreaded working-at-home moments?  The afternoon your most important client calls and really needs your attention, and in a you-couldn?t-plan-this if-you-had-to moment, your daughter has to use the bathroom and it is an emergency (!) AND your son starts screaming at the dog because she is sitting on his toy. All while you are trying your best to get them to understand your particular form of sign language that means ?please, please, be quiet - 'puleeze use your inside voice for Mommy PLEASE'?and then someone cries, and your client is annoyed and you fall into a puddle...

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lessons from little girls
I just finished reading ?Three Little Words? and am a bit confounded at how I related to the author, Ashley Rhodes Courter.  Ashley was raised in 14 placement foster homes until the age of 12 when the Courter family adopted her.  My heart broke as I related to the desperation she felt as she longed for her birth Mom to keep her promise and take her home.  Her observations are honest and painful.  It?s a heartbreaking story that gives one pause for the mere blessing of being raised by your biological parents. I related to Ashley and how she felt. ...
And so, it happens again, you are left upset, hurt, bewildered and disoriented.  And let?s not forget scared. Yet, if someone were to ask you, ?How are things?? or, ?What?s new?? the last thing you would do is reply with ?I?ve just been abused and I?m not sure what to do.?  Denial, the ever-powerful emotion that is often the coping tool of choice, keeps us in place and wondering what to do next. I loved pretending all was well when I was married to Darth Vader.  I was ashamed and humiliated to be in such a difficult position, thinking that...

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