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Faith Davis

Faith Davis

Faith M. Davis is an author, an artist, and a copywriter and marketing professional with a background in life coaching. She uses words and art to transform lives. She does this with 1) Freelance Writing, Copywriting and Marketing for the Holistic Industry, and 2) the launch of her line of inspirational paper products to uplift and inspire.

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I'm sure you've noticed that when you are in a bad mood, somehow things get worse. You know how it is: Your husband comes home and suddenly he’s in a bad mood as well, your kids start acting out and not cooperating, the tasks you take on don’t go as you had hoped, and everything just feels miserable. I don’t want to be the barer of bad news, but when that happens, it is probably because you brought it on yourself. Energy is all around us and the energy that you put out changes the energy of your household (or any...

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We all have those days when we don't feel quite right. Maybe we just don’t feel like dealing with the day ahead or we fear it is going to be a bad day. Maybe we are sick of doing the work we have to do. Or maybe we just woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Whatever it is, we can choose to let it take over our body and ruin our day. Or we can choose to take an action step to create change. The smallest of steps can lead you out of the doldrums and onto a path...

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Love is always on our minds in February, is it not? Valentine’s Day can make those who are in love feel it even stronger, and it can make those who aren’t in a relationship yearn for it even more. But love isn’t just about whether or not we are in a relationship. It’s not about what present we get on Valentine’s Day. What is love really? Love is… happiness! If you were to study people who have found true happiness in their lives, one thing you would notice is their ability to give love. These people have found the key to...

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“Are you being too uptight?” I have to ask this question of myself sometimes in order to loosen myself up. What happens is that life can beat us up and it can stress us out Then, it creates a cycle of being stressed which leads to feeling like you need to be uptight in order to survive, which only leads to more stress, and so it goes around and around. I get stuck in that cycle from time to time even though I fully believe in and want flow in my life. Flow is beautiful. It is a peaceful feeling that...
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We all start out with the best intentions in mind when the excitement of the New Year comes. After all, a new year should mean a new start right? We want things to be different in our lives so we set those resolutions so we can make them happen.The problem is that life gets in the way. You want to lose weight but you can never seem to find the time to work out and eat healthy. You want to start that new side business you dream about, but it feels too overwhelming. You want to spend more quality time with...
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