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Donald Van de Mark is a speaker and author of, The Good Among the Great. He is the voice and talent on many of Success Television's videos. He has interviewed hundreds of leaders in business and politics including: Jack Welch, Starbucks' Howard Schultz, Intel's Andy Grove, in his nearly 3 decades as a correspondent and anchor at CNN, CNBC and public television. He integrates tips from these great leaders to provide a riveting motivational speech on the traits of successful people.

andrew weil experience
Andrew Weil’s Location Revelation The good among the great, the men and women such as Doctor Andrew Weil, the pioneer of holistic medicine are always open to new experiences because they are alert to their own wants and they embrace opportunities to satisfy those wants.  In the early 1980’s, Weil moved to a majestic Arizona ranch 2500 miles from where he grew up because he listened to his heart and was open to a new experience.  The opportunity to live in this sun-splashed corner of America only presented itself after his car broke down on his way home from doing research...

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lou dobbs hierarchy
The best people you'll meet have what Abraham Maslow called, a "democratic character structure."  They appreciate and see the humanity in every human being. Maslow wrote, "Most profound, but also most vague is the hard-to-get-at tendency to give a certain quantum of respect to any human being just because he or she is a human individual."  This is because the best people see into our hearts, they sense with their own hearts who we each are.  And thus they look past or through our superficial differences such as age, sex, race. Abraham Lincoln, the democrat As aware as he was of the...

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Donald Van de mark with Steve Case
The best people I’ve ever interviewed such as Andy Grove, Bill Bradley and Steve Case, all believe in three fundamental truths about everyone’s life:   1. Everything is changing, always (which is why you must look at every day with fresh eyes) 2. Reality always intrudes 3. Every person can have a profound effect on his/her own destiny.    It’s a belief in what poets call the symmetry of our actions, that the chickens do come home to roost, that what goes around does come around, that Karma is real, that there is always a day of reckoning.  Or as the great...

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In the January, 2010 Vanity Fair cover story, Leslie Bennetts describes Meryl Streep as a woman who is vital, expressive and spontaneous – a personality trait that the late great psychologist Abraham Maslow would have recognized as one that the healthiest psyches share.  Bennetts, however, is more interested at first in Streep’s box office clout and the fact that she is rewriting Hollywood’s playbook on how to produce a blockbuster. But the more interesting story isn’t about ticket receipts or even clout.  It’s about personality -- Meryl’s.  This is a 60-year old human being who’s profoundly healthy psychologically. To start, the...

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spotting a cynic Rupert Murdoch
  Cynic: a person who believes that people are motivated purely by self-interest rather than acting for honorable or unselfish reasons. Oxford Dictionary It's critical to recognize that the scandal engulfing Rupert Murdoch's media empire is a result of cynicism. Murdoch's own dark and corrosive suspicion of everyone's motives. This bleak view of human nature has long pervaded all Murdoch's editorial products, from the News of The World to Fox News. Cynics have little faith in government, their fellow human beings, or the world in general.  Worst of all for journalists, they have little faith in truth. I learned this...

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