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Dianne Orwig

Dianne Orwig

Known as the physique transformation specialist with a twist, Dianne’s Living Fit Online™ program has helped thousands of people live stronger, healthier, happier lives. “While most people come to me with their eyes pointed on the aesthetic end of fitness, they ultimately come away not only looking great, but with a renewed outlook on life.” Dianne has trained personal, corporate, and online clients from all over the world using her 12-week proven system, which combines brief, enjoyable workouts (taking less than 4 hours per week to perform) great food, fun accountability tools, and guidance designed to train the whole person.
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We've all heard the familiar mantra "calories in - calories out" right? For years it has been the tried and true chant of the weight loss industry. While there is plenty of hard scientific evidence to back this theory, anyone who has tried to lose weight just by cutting calories knows, there is a lot more to the story than just eating less food.  So, the real question is, "What is the missing link?"  I can tell you with all certainty that, no matter what your goal might be, whether you are interested in losing fat, gaining muscle, getting healthy, reversing the aging process,...

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Vacation eating
Let's face it.  Americans are fat, fat, fat. According to current statistics, a whopping 60% are overweight and, of the 40% left, only about 6% fall into the lean category. (Those nice folks who can see their abs.) So, whether your goal is to show off your six-pack or just shed a few nagging pounds, it makes sense to take a hard look at what sets this small group of lean-and-strong apart from the rest. How do they manage to accomplish what 94% of Americans find nearly impossible? The answer might surprise you. Walk This Way  In an effort to...
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