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Dianne Orwig

Dianne Orwig

Known as the physique transformation specialist with a twist, Dianne’s Living Fit Online™ program has helped thousands of people live stronger, healthier, happier lives. “While most people come to me with their eyes pointed on the aesthetic end of fitness, they ultimately come away not only looking great, but with a renewed outlook on life.” Dianne has trained personal, corporate, and online clients from all over the world using her 12-week proven system, which combines brief, enjoyable workouts (taking less than 4 hours per week to perform) great food, fun accountability tools, and guidance designed to train the whole person.

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ab exercise
Oh, how I wish there was an exercise that would get rid of the myth that doing tons of leg lifts will somehow force the fat off your thighs, or that hundreds of crunches can help melt the body fat off your waist. Sorry to wreck your plans of doing 1000 sit ups tonight before bedtime but, here are a few hard-ab facts: body fat will not automatically move away from any area of your body just because the muscle underneath it has become stronger. That's just not how it works. SEE SPOT RUN  The idea of "spot reduction," (pinpointing...
silly exercise
Most people would lose it if their boss suggested they work 7 days a week with no end in sight, or go for years without a vacation?but ask someone to take a break from their fitness routine, and they'll actually fight you on it tooth and nail. I know this, because for years I have suggested that all my clients take a planned break from their usual exercise regimen about every 3 months or so, and honestly, if you could see their faces when I do, you?d think I had told them that Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra just got...

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flat belly
If you've been trying to flatten your stomach, it's likely that you've done more than one Google search using the 3 most popular key words in the fitness industry: lose belly fat. It's also likely that you did NOT make it through the 440+ pages (and over 2,030,000 links) that followed. My #1 goal today is to save you all of that reading and research by giving you the absolute and definitive recipe for flatter abs, leaner thighs, and a smaller waistline. In other words, you?ve just hit the belly fat jack pot! I should warn you, though?it may not...

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Soldier mom hugging child
On this beautiful Mother?s Day, I can think of no words on earth that better describe the depth of love between a mother and her child than this exquisite poem written by Edward E. Cummings: I carry your heart with meI carry it in my heartI am never without itAnywhere I go you go, my dear and whatever is done by only me is your doing, my darlingI fear no fatefor you are my fate, my sweet I want no world,For, beautiful, you are my worldmy true Here is the deepest secret nobody knowsHere is the root of the rootand...
good eating
Here is my list of the top 5 all-time powerhouse consumable items on the planet. Make sure that at least a few of these foundations of health land in your grocery cart - and your stomach - every week: #1 Oats ? Eating oatmeal or something with oats of any kind in it (yes, a nice organic oatmeal cookie counts, and even a bowl of Cheerios is better than none at all) is one of the best, most natural ways to lower your cholesterol, stabilize blood sugar, keep your GI track running smoothly, and keep you going strong all day...

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