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Dianne Orwig

Dianne Orwig

Known as the physique transformation specialist with a twist, Dianne’s Living Fit Online™ program has helped thousands of people live stronger, healthier, happier lives. “While most people come to me with their eyes pointed on the aesthetic end of fitness, they ultimately come away not only looking great, but with a renewed outlook on life.” Dianne has trained personal, corporate, and online clients from all over the world using her 12-week proven system, which combines brief, enjoyable workouts (taking less than 4 hours per week to perform) great food, fun accountability tools, and guidance designed to train the whole person.
14 ways to succeed at losing weight
Okay…today is THE DAY – it’s a brand new year, a fresh start, a place to begin again. And while it’s likely you have some semblance of a plan to slip back into those skinny jeans in 2012, I’ll venture to guess that it’s not your waistline, but your PLAN, that needs a major overhauling. In 12 years of coaching and training thousands of men and women, I can tell you that most weight loss endeavors (especially the New Year's kind) fail, not from a lack of self-discipline, but rather a lack of “pre-paving. “ Consider how easy it is, when...

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De-Clutter Your Life – Discover Your Dreams
We all deal with clutter on one level or another, whether it’s the visual clutter of a messy room, the mental clutter of inner chatter filling our heads with past disappointments and pending dead lines; or the physical clutter of carrying too much body fat, which often goes unnoticed until one day you find yourself staring in the mirror at someone you no longer recognize.   As a success coach and fitness trainer, I warn my clients that clutter saps energy, intensifies stress, robs you of time and focus, and keeps you from moving toward your true dreams and desires. Often,...

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celebrate with weight gain from drinking
If you are concerned about packing on that wicked 6 to 8 extra pounds this holiday season, you should be! For every pound of body fat you gain now, it will take an average of 8-10 days of concentrated effort to shed each one of those pounds ? so a gain of 8 pounds can take up to 2 full months to drop. Ah...we're talking March 1st here. Don't go there, please! A much better choice, of course, is to find a way to reduce your gain, or at least break-even on the scale come January 1st. Beware of Liquid...

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holidays are a great time for planning goals
You know what I love about the holidays? I love the fact that lots of things get put on the back burner. Yes,even eating right and exercising. Now, that might sound surprising coming from a success coach and fitness trainer. You might even wonder why I would suggest that giving into this natural shift in focus that seems to happen on a global level this time of year could possibly be a better choice than sticking to your guns. "Isn't the back burner a bad thing?" you might ask. "Isn't it your job, Dianne, to make sure people don't let...

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muffin top
This great question came in from one of my clients yesterday. It's a pretty common one, so I hope you find it useful! Q: As I am removing the layer of fat padding, I am seeing more loose skin and wrinkled skin on my arms and legs when I bend them. I am hoping that this goes away...It's not like I have lost 75 pounds and have large amts of skin...but the looseness is odd looking. Makes me feel "old." A: My first suggestion is to give your body some time to produce more collagen. It does this naturally in...

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