Judith E. Glaser is one of the most innovative and pioneering change agents in the consulting industry. She is the world’s leading authority on WE-centric Leadership. Through her dynamic, interactive and provocative keynotes and leadership summits, she has introduced her powerful transformative technologies to CEO’s and their teams at major Fortune 500 companies. Benchmark works at the intersection of leadership, brand and culture.

Creating We

Creating We

Judith E. Glaser is the author of two best selling business books: Creating WE: Change I-Thinking to We-Thinking & Build a Healthy Thriving Organization, and The DNA of Leadership.

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why people yawn
Years ago, when I was in graduate school, I wrote a paper called "It Started with a Yawn." I noticed that when people got together and one person yawned, others yawned within seconds afterwards. Some researchers have claimed that yawning could control brain temperature so that it does not reach extremes. A team of researchers led by Andrew Gallup of Princeton University analyzed the pattern of yawning in people during winters and summers and found that a significantly higher number of participants yawned in the winter then they did during summers. This led the researchers to think that yawning must be serving...
creating connection out of conflict
Israel took me by surprise. My husband and I celebrated my 10th year cancer-free anniversary this year in Israel, and it was an incredible place to be for this profound time in our lives. Israel is the history of the world found in one small spot on the world map. One small piece of geography filled with so much emotion, so much history, and so much push and pull about who owns what and why. Our guide, Nachum, was the best storyteller and facilitator of learning I have ever met. As we drove down a particular street in Tel Aviv, he...

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effective communication skills and collaboration
Many of us learn how to talk to each other without graduating to the next level of conversation that enables us to go after and achieve our greatest aspirations with each other. How easy it is to fall into discussions that reinforce what we don't want in our present situation, or focus on what we think is broken? Coming from lack or scarcity and focusing on fixing our problems rather than feeding our passions and what we want to achieve has become such a human habit that we don't even know we're doing it. It's as though that is the...

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communicating effectively
Our brains are incredibly sensitive to nuances and meta-messages. Our need to belong and to be important in each others' eyes is strong; yet there are many ways we signal each other that show that we are not. Disagreeing with another's point of view is the case in point. When we disagree with someone, we are sending very subtle signals about who is up and who is down - who has the power and who does not. Disagreements in the Workplace Disagreements lead us right into the dance of power - the "alpha-alpha" dynamic. Conflicts and disagreements in the workplace, set...

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celebrating what we have in common
This year has been a very special year of global and cultural awakening. While human beings are separated by geographic boundaries, the reality is we have more in common with our far away neighbors than we often realize. What we have in common is fundamental..... we all have a history, or past, that shapes us. We all have our environment shaping us; and we evolve with an essence of both the power of the past and the power of the present influencing us at the same moment as we engage and connect with others to shape the future. When we...

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