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Do you know your physical limits?

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The baby boomer generation is defined as individuals who are 45 to 65 year old. I'm right in there. As we age, our physical activity may need to change to avoid stress on joints and muscles

We might have once enjoyed jogging on a daily basis but now find we have to mix it up so that we are not so sore when we wake up in the morning. Older discs, joints and tendons dehydrate and won't tolerate the constant pounding from impact activities. It doesn't mean that you stop moving, but you can learn to stay active and make your body last. Muscle mass decreases with age but can always be strengthened.  do you know your physical limits

I remember once hearing Wayne Dyer tell his history of waking up every morning for over 20 years and going for a jog. He rarely missed a day. But, he said he woke up stiff and sore every morning.   He went on to explain that everything gets dry and stiff as it ages. A tree branch is limber when it is a sapling. As it gets old, it gets stiff and brittle. Well that's how his body felt after running all those years. He listened to his body and tried Yoga. He said he felt more limber and flexible and doesn't wake up stiff anymore.

In my practice, I have seen many a patient that has worked out for years only to find out that they now have no flexibility and as a result have pain from tightening of the muscles.  The trick is to know when to back off before injuring yourself. Listen to your body. Learning how to stay active and learning how to make movement easier is the goal to making your body last.

Contributed by Nancy Whelan, PT ,the West Palm Beach Physical Therapy Center 

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