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14 Ways To Shift Your New Year's Weight Loss Plan Into High Gear

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Okay…today is THE DAY – it’s a brand new year, a fresh start, a place to begin again. And while it’s likely you have some semblance of a plan to slip back into those skinny jeans in 2012, I’ll venture to guess that it’s not your waistline, but your PLAN, that needs a major overhauling.

In 12 years of coaching and training thousands of men and women, I can tell you that most weight loss endeavors (especially the New Year's kind) fail, not from a lack of self-discipline, but rather a lack of “pre-paving. “14 ways to succeed at losing weight

Consider how easy it is, when you’re racing down the freeway, to take for granted the amount of surveying, excavating and engineering it took to allow you to fly, top speed, toward your desired destination. Then imagine taking the same trip driving 80 miles an hour down a gravel road. You got it…crash and burn.

So, if your New Year’s plan looks something like this: “Today is the day I stop eating junk and start hitting the gym hard,” I want to offer you a better route – one that might take a few extra days to implement, but one that is guaranteed to lighten your load and make reaching your goals a lot smoother, quicker and easier.

Here, in a nutshell, is my 2-week Pave The Way Plan that will put your goals, your body, and your life on the supersonic highway to success:

Daily Action Step #1 – Plan to Plan. Designate 8 minutes, morning and night, to mentally walk through your day. Each morning jot down 3 major points of focus and a few general tasks you need to accomplish. Each night, check off and celebrate the things that went well, and move whatever is left to tomorrow’s plan. The key is getting things down in black and white. The power of pen to paper will make a world of difference in your results.

Daily Action Step #2 – Release The Closet Demons. Pull everything out of your closet and only re-hang your favorite, most complete outfits. Add in a few that will serve you going forward, then store, sell, toss or give away the rest, but get it out of there. This is where you start every day, so make it a place of clarity and purpose.

Daily Action Step #3 – Bill and Budget Blast. Weight and wealth are irrefutably connected. If you want to lighten up your waistline, start lightening up your debt, or at least make a plan to begin. Take an honest, factual review of everything, do some math, and get a plan down on paper.

Daily Action Step #4 – Create a Sanctuary. It can be a spare room, a quiet corner, a secluded coffee shop, or a park bench. Have a peaceful, restful place you can park yourself on a regular basis – one that makes you feel happy, focused, safe and calm – a place to plan, decompress, relax or just chill out.

Daily Action Step #5 – Transform Your Transportation. Put your car in the best possible shape it can be right now. You drive around in it every day, and just like your body, it gets you from point A to point B despite how you treat it. Start showing it a new level of respect as well.

Daily Action Step #6 – Back To Basic Health. Air, water, rest and writing - you can’t live very long without the first 3 and won’t be very successful without the last. Start every morning by taking 3-4 long deep cleansing breaths, drink 8-10 ounces of water right off the bat, and jot down a short plan for the day. Repeat right after lunch.

Daily Action Step #7 – Mission Statement. Encapsulate in a sentence or two exactly who and what you are all about. Use this statement as your true-north beacon. Read it every morning and every night. It might go something like: “I am a self-reliant, compassionate and honest person who takes excellent care of my body by staying organized, focused, and deliberate about living a happy, healthy, strong life.”

Daily Action Step #8 – Quiet Kitchen Clean Out. Don’t make the mistake of dragging your whole family into your personal goals by stripping your kitchen clean (even if they’ve all agreed to join you.) Instead, re-arrange the bad stuff so that it is out of your line of vision. Designate a personal crisper tray or a cabinet that is for your use only.

Daily Action Step #9 – Tools of the Trade. Take absolute control of your food by preparing and packing the majority of your meals. Make a daily commitment to carry more food than you need and take it wherever you go, just like your wallet, your cell phone and your car keys. Your must-have list includes a roomy cooler, blue ice, sandwich and snack bags, 1-cup containers, and disposable utensils.

Daily Action Step #10 – Create a Progress Chart. Relying on the scale alone is a bit like using the gas gauge on your dashboard to determine precisely how far you’ve gone. You’ll get a general idea, but for a clearer perspective you need to use more than one indicator. Make a chart that tracks scale, body fat, and circumference measurements on a weekly basis. To get an instant progress tracker, click the “Free Forms” box at

Daily Action Step #11 – “Before” Pictures. Is it any accident that some of the most powerful transformations you have even witnessed began with a “before” picture? Trust me on this one…take pictures and watch what a difference it makes in your resolve.

Daily Action Step #12 – An “A” and “B” Workout Routine. Be sure to have strength-training and cardio routines that allow for those times when you are stuck at home or at the office. Don’t pigeonhole your plan by relying solely on the gym or special equipment to get your workouts in.

Daily Action Step #13 – Visualize Success. Start sifting through magazines and begin a vision board that you can add to as you find motivating pictures and examples of people, places and things that inspire your desire to keep going. Hang this board where you can see it every morning and night. (Perhaps in your nice new clean closet!)

Daily Action Step #14 – Ready, Set, Go Grocery Shopping. Make a grocery list of whole foods, quick picks, and meal replacements that address eating at different times and in different situations. Pick some standard cook-ahead meals, gather up some fun, healthy recipes and surround yourself with good, delicious food that honors your body and your commitment to stick with your new healthy habits for life.

Above all, trust yourself. Take these proven steps one day at a time, in the order they appear, and you have my promise that you will make 2012 the year that something truly extraordinary happens.

It’s all about inspiring yourself first, and then going on to inspire the world. You can do it. It all starts with a single, focused, resolute decision to begin taking the very best care of the body and life you’ve been given. From there, the possibilities are endless!

Happy New Year to you and all the best in 2012!

About the Author:

dianne orwigDianne Orwig is a success coach, motivational speaker, fitness trainer, and founder of LivingFit Online(TM), a fitness program that has helped thousands of men and women completely transform their bodies and live healthier, happier lives though her less-is-better approach.

For more information on how you can get better results in less time and with less effort than you ever thought possible, visit

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