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10 Ways to Make Change Happen

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 “Things do not change, we do.” Henry David Thoreau

This short statement is a call to action that labels us as personally responsible for theaction to make change directions our lives take.  If life is different than we wish it to be, merely waiting for something to change is like hoping to complete a marathon while keeping our feet planted at the starting line. Any scientist will tell you that change requires action. Many people know that they want change, but feel as though they are stagnant, uninspired or even stuck.  It is not uncommon to want change, but often we feel stuck because we have a muddled vision of what specific change will point us toward our desired outcomes.

Perhaps it is time to offer life a treatment that resembles a face-lift.  The twenty first century has produced myriad treatments to rejuvenate the physical body and stave off signs of aging.  The most popular of these, the “face-lift”, actually has a spiritual counterpart. A metaphorical “face-lift” for life is for people who desire more than a physical change, but rather the rejuvenation of their entire lives. This life-lift does not have to be hard, monumental or daunting.  People, from quantum physicists to personal trainers, are realizing the power of small changes in creating massive momentum and positive shifts.

To this end, you are invited to take the 10/24 challenge. Commit to do each of the ten things listed here within a 24-hour period and you will surely feel the incredible shift in the energy and level of aliveness of your life. Know that you will likely experience such a positive surge in doing these tasks that you will likely crave another day like this one.  Chances are, the actions that you indulge in during this 10/24 Challenge will profoundly satisfy your spirit’s need for advancement.

1. Look around your home and find 5-10 things you can donate or throw away. Do you have piles of old magazines? Do you keep books you didn’t enjoy reading and have no interest in re-reading? This is a great opportunity to rid your home of broken, useless things that serve to only clutter.

2. Make a list of 100 reasons you are wonderful. We are taught from a young age that modesty is wonderful, but that training has us grow into adults that have a hard time recognizing and celebrating why we are incredible! Are you organized, a great singer, fun dancer, or baker of the world’s best banana bread? Did you do a great job training your puppy? Toss your humbleness aside and make your list.  If you need help getting to 100, call a friend and ask him/her for some reasons why you are wonderful!  No quitting at 63, get to 100!

3. Take a purposeful 60-minute break from technology. Our tech gadgets are huge suckers of the human energy field. Take a break from your phone, e-reader and computer not only because it is good for your energy level, but also because it is good to be inaccessible sometimes. It is healthy to plug into silence to center ourselves.  Our spirit calls on us to be “off the grid” at times.

4. Choose two people that you know that could benefit from a note of encouragement or appreciation. Make a phone call and offer a word of support or acknowledgment to someone in your professional or personal network. Unsolicited kindnesses uplift and even heal. They stay with the receiver a good long time and the positive vibe ripples out into the world.

5. Get Physical. Sweat and earn your shower while you get out of your head and into your body! There is an vibrancy that comes from raising your heartbeat and connecting to the primal part of you. Drink plenty of water and move!

6. Make a gratitude list. However easy or hard your life seems to be, there are reasons for gratitude tucked in every nook. Find and name the gift in even the toughest of circumstances. Perhaps you are smarter, stronger or more courageous because of your life’s situations. Perhaps you feel profoundly grateful for the people in your life, your job, health or the kitten you were able to adopt. Applying mascara without thought her whole life, it was not until one woman went through chemotherapy that she appreciated her eyelashes. Let the gratitude flow out of you for even the smallest of blessings and watch this practice become a conduit for more of what you desire.

7. Eliminate 1-2 energetic drains. Your body speaks to you at every waking moment. It has a Divine intelligence infused in every cell and it tells you when you are engaged in an activity that feeds you or depletes you. Tune into the unspoken language of your cells to determine everything from whether is it time to find a new job, new partner, or new address. Your personal energy will also tell you it is time to stop pretending you enjoy someone’s company that you really don’t, or that it is time to undo a commitment that only breeds dread in the days leading up to it. From enjoying a new bedspread to recycling the dead plant on your sill, paying attention to your environment and commitments contributes to your being a vibrant presence on earth.

8. Make an ultimate dream list. Let your dreams flow out of your heart through your pen to paper. Your dreams can be small or big, seemingly impossible or fun and easy.  Write them all down without giving consideration to how easy or possible they would be to achieve. Would you love to be the founder a non-profit or start your own business? Would you like to build your dream home? What do you truly want to experience, allow, and create? Writing these dreams and goals down and reading the list daily, tells the Divine energy of the universe you would love to see it manifest!

9. Forgive Someone. Forgiveness is a gift you offer others, but it is actually greater gift to yourself. The more you hold onto hurt, anger and resentment, the more it will erode your health and energy. Try to approach the infraction with compassion for the person who hurt you. Did he/ she have little emotional maturity, self-esteem and social skills. Was this person’s poor judgment the product of the life experience they endured, inflicted by another? Compassion opens the door to emotional healing.

10. Pray. Yes, ask for help. The Divine wants you to be a happy, vibrant, fulfilled presence in this life. Ask for help in creating what you want. A simple sincere prayer asking for healing, to be relieved of sadness or in achieving your goals has power in it. This power offers support in finding a job, a new home, partner, or the willpower to follow through on a healthy choice… Ask for help.

Take the 10/24 Challenge by doing these 10 things over a 24-hour period. Print them out and check them off as you complete each task. When you complete all ten, you will feel the surge of energy that results when this challenge gives your life a lift!  Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to share your experience.

Rena M Reese is the founder of Soul Salon International, an inspirational multimedia company that also offers coaching and consulting to help people find their “happy place.”  She is the author of several titles, a professional speaker and the host of a weekly radio program, The Soul Salon.  Please visit on the web, on Facebook and on twitter @TheSoulSalon.

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Rena M. Reese, M.S. is an author, founder of Soul Salon International and instructor at The Mindfulness Center in Bethesda, Md. In her latest book, The Soul Salon, readers enjoy what would equate to a year of personal life coaching as they learn about the path to awakeningand bliss, living in alignment and enjoying a life of purpose.
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