3 Myths About Self Confidence

Written by Sharon Melnick

Can you figure out which of these myths about confidence is fact and which is fiction?

1) If your ratio of positive to negative thoughts is less than 3:1 everyday, you will take two years off of your life.

(Answer:  TRUE.   According to a Mayo Clinic study, your doubting, questioning,  self critical thoughts wear and tear at your body, and can significantly affect the longevity of your life.  This is serious, folks!)

2) Confident people earn much more than self doubters over their lifetime (for lower earning jobs: on average $28,000 over a lifetime; for higher earning jobs: hundreds of thousands of dollars more).

(Answer:  TRUE, according to a University of Florida study (2007).   Self confidence, starting in early adulthood, determines how much money you will earn over the course of your life.  Every year you have low self confidence,  you earn less than your counterparts with higher self confidence.)

3) Confident people are better judges of first impressions; self doubters more often misread what others think.

(Answer:  TRUE, according to a Wake Forest University study. That?s why doubters take things personally, think people are disrespectful and then obsess about it. When confident people deal with others, their interactions are smooth and easy.)

Conclusion: The sooner you have confidence,  the faster you will build health in your body, earn more, and influence people in relationships.

Take stock for a moment,  on a scale from 1-10, where is your confidence level now? When your confidence level is at a 9 or 10 everyday, name one result that will be better in each area of health, wealth, and quality of relationships? 

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