8 Steps to Loving Your Job

Written by Pat Sullivan

8 steps to loving your job career adviceWhen spirituality and work are integrated, both benefit. Your spirit can thrive from work — even work you hate.

You don't have to leave your values in the parking lot when you go to work. In fact, the more your spiritual life and work life become one, the more satisfying and effective your workday can become.

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People at every level of the corporate ladder can benefit from integrating their spirituality with their work. Here are eight suggestions on how to make it happen:
1. Love yourself. Remember that the commandment about loving others also asks you to love yourself. No matter how busy or understaffed your workplace, make sure you get the breaks and support you need to take care of yourself and to do your best.
2. Work purposefully. Hindus suggest doing all work as if you were doing it for God. That resonates with Christian commandments to serve all as one would serve Christ and with Buddhist principles of right livelihood.
3. Feed your soul throughout the day. For example, one parking enforcement officer reads the Bible on breaks; another reads his Koran. One secretary has tiny, framed prayers on her computer monitor stand; another tucks inspiring quotes into the files for difficult projects, as well as in her daily appointment book.
4. Have a touchstone or two at work to remind you of what matters most to you. Keep symbols of your faith or vision in your pocket or briefcase. Carry photographs of places where you go for spiritual renewal or people you love.
5. Take a spiritual lunch break. Meet for lunch with one or more of your spiritual work friends to hold open-ended prayer and dialogue sessions. Use poetry or a book of stories about spirituality and work to initiate discussion.
6. Build relationships with people of other faiths. As you discuss work issues, enjoy discovering both the surprising similarities and the unique viewpoint of other traditions.
7. Build simple ritual into your day  . Begin with a commitment to work ethically and joyfully; end with a prayer of reflection and release. Throughout your workday, find moments to re-anchor to your many purposes.
8. Be real by being conscious. Pay attention to your thoughts as you work. Then, as Andy Mellon says, "When your heart speaks, take good notes."

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