Bill Bradley Not a Fan of Fame

Author: Donald Van de Mark

bill bradley on howto deal with failure and setbacksUnlike most politicians, former U.S. Senator and Democratic candidate for President, Bill Bradley does not particularly like being recognized. In fact, when he was a teenager and gaining notoriety around St. Louis for his skills on the basketball court, it made him a bit uncomfortable. Nevertheless, he got so good and so well known that he was offered scholarships to seventy-five colleges. He chose Princeton, where in 1964 he was named NCAA player of the year and earned a gold medal as a member of the U.S. Olympic team. Later, Bradley led the New York Knicks for ten years, winning the championship twice, and graced the cover of Sports Illustrated magazine.

I asked Bradley about all the attention that he has received, starting at such a young age, he called it "well-known-ness" and acknowledged that it was indeed something that he had grappled with. It was one reason, he said, that he dropped out of sight after Princeton by moving to the United Kingdom on a Rhodes scholarship, and why, for a short while, he even stopped playing the game he loved.


Should You Walk Off the Job?

Author: Paul Wolf

Stressed out? Ready to tell so and so what you think?  You already know that in the heat of the moment, your emotions can distort an already-difficult situation. Here's advice on how to succeed by waiting.

Your boss chews you out in front of everybody. You vow, "If this happens again, I'm going to tell him what he can do with this job."

But the fantasy is so much better than the reality. A morning after filled with scouring want ads and a mortgage that needs paying might lead to some serious regrets.

Practice is the Path to Success

Author: Dr. Dan Johnston

We're more comfortable doing what we do well, but sometimes you have to fail before you practice makes perfect

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