When Your Boss Stresses You Out

Author: Stanley Popovich

You like your job, but your boss gives you a hard time. What can you do if your current boss stresses you out? bad bosses

First, try to do more than what is expected from you at your current job. Instead of just doing what you are suppose do, try to go the extra mile. Try to get things done ahead of time and help out your co-workers. Your boss and co-workers will notice and give you more respect.

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The Fastest Strategy for Learning and Succeeding

Author: Bud Bilanich

The term "mentor" comes from The Odyssey.  Odysseus entrusted the care of his son, Telemachus, mentoringto Mentor when he set out to fight the Trojan War. 

The best mentors will help you learn and grow by sharing their knowledge and wisdom with you.  In this way, you can benefit from their experience without having to suffer the consequences of gaining that experience firsthand.


The importance of joyful work in the second half of life!

Author: The Vocational Coach- Craig Nathanson

The importance of joyful workimportance of joyful work

Sadly, most people did not learn at school about the importance of enjoying their work, unless they were fortunate to have a parent who taught how important it is. Often, the notion of work is to earn an income and support a family. And, while career theories and assessment tests focus on the right fit, rarely do they point out joyful work. As a result, many people find themselves in a career they may be good at but are rarely passionate about.

After 40, priorities change

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E-Learning and Motivational DVDs

Stephen Covey as part of change management e learning course

Motivational DVDs and E learning courses to help you succeed in your career.

Develop your career and learn the traits of successful people. Great leaders such as Jack Welch, Howard Schultz and Stephen Covey show you the skills to strengthen yourself and self manage toward success.  

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