How Tai Chi Improves Balance Focus and Calm

Written by Rita Kennen

Rediscover how the ancient martial art of Tai Chi can improve your life focus and restore calmtai chi reducing stress and balance.

Wander through any urban park early in the morning, and you're likely to discover practitioners of the martial art Tai Chi greeting the day with their graceful, slow-motion exercise.

No special equipment is required to join them. All it takes is your body and a willingness to learn.

Why be optimistic?
The primary goal of tai chi is relaxation.
Tai Chi is non-competitive and can be done by anyone regardless of age or physical stamina.
People who do tai chi on a regular basis report an improvement in concentration as well as feeling calmer.
Patience and discipline is important in studying tai chi, since it takes time to master many of the movements.
But don't be disappointed if you don't master Tai Chi overnight. Tai Chi is done in a series of movements called a form, and each form consists of approximately 60 positions.

Tai Chi may owe its roots to the martial arts, but it is non-competitive. The primary goal is relaxation. Stress is the natural outcome of our working and living in a 24-hour, seven-day world, and many people are finding relief in the rituals of a quieter time.

Disciples of Tai Chi report feeling calmer and reaping the benefits of increased concentration. Learning the exacting movements of tai chi or forms requires self-discipline and patience.
But once you're accomplished at Tai Chi, look for an increase in balance, stronger muscles and the benefit of a low-impact workout that is good for your heart, but takes less of a toll on your body than the typical aerobic pounding of other types of exercise.
Sarah works as a manager for a large financial firm and says doing tai chi makes her life easier, "Tai chi improves my focus, gives me better crisis management skills and controls my asthma".
You can do Tai Chi at any age. Your physical shape matters little. You learn and practice tai chi according to your own individual level and physical stamina. Everyone benefits in his or her own personal and unique way.

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