Self Help Advice for Capturing Inspiration

Written by Kyle Noone

Balance your time at a desk with true inspiration. When you're burnt out, go for a walk, maybe to the next meeting.

Or, if it's the weekend, enjoy nature, listen to music and capture the inspiration.You'll be amazed at what comes to you. The problem you couldn't figure out all of a sudden is solved.  But, you better make sure you have a pen! 

Why is it that your best ideas always come when you're least prepared? What happened to the love poem inspired by a romantic Sunday matinee? Or the clever advertising concept concocted while pushing up a hill on your mountain bike?
Never let a good idea escape.

Always carry a small pad of paper and a pen, or mini tape recorder (that actually works) for those unexpected moments when the epiphany strikes and genius is itching to be discovered. Don't let your spur of the moment creativity fall by the wayside. More than one famous writer kept a pencil and paper by his bedside to capture an early morning inspiration.

Why not you?

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