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Written by Kyle Noone

Succeed in balancing the chaos of the world with the serenity of your home. 

Here's a hint for setting up your own haven of calm. While there is no way to control goings-on in the outside world, you can control the private oasis you call home.


Simplicity Advice:
Find Your Sanctuary
Simplify Your Trip: Pack Early
8 ways to make your commitment to change a reality  
Whenever possible, take the extra time and spend the extra money to create a feeling of serenity and relaxation within your castle.


Waking in a comfortable bed, enjoying breakfast in a neat kitchen, dressing in wrinkle-free clothes in a clutter-less area can help you feel more in control on the days when you're on the run. Know yourself, your likes and comforts, and create a home that accentuates these traits.


It's about simplicity, the art of living with less but having more.

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