Having Fun 8 Ways

Written by Sierra Alvis

Advice on balancing the need for creativity, relieving stress, taking care of ourselves and those we love. 

From planting an herb garden to dancing in the kitchen, you may find the quickest path to serenity is in your home. Read our top picks to help perfect the art of living with less, but having more.

Organize Stress Out of Your Day
Have fun!
Know the difference between what you can change and what you can't.
Massage your feet at work with a golf ball.
De-stress by planting a garden.  
1. Simply Child's Play
Take part in some playful activities to unleash creativity, blow off steam and remember fun. Do an art project, play in the mud or dance in the kitchen.


2. Comfort Your Sole
A golf ball can give you an instant foot massage. Rolling the textured surface under the arch of your foot relieves tension and invigorates your body and mind.


3. Make Your Dog's Day
If long hours in the office are taking a toll on your dog's peace of mind, your house and yard may bear the brunt of it. Curb Fido's destructive streak by changing the route of his daily walk, buying him problem-solving toys or leaving the radio on while you're away.


4. Pack Your Bags
It's never too early to plan for your next vacation. Keep your toiletry bag stocked and ready to save valuable time and energy.


5. Homegrown Herbs
Planting a container garden allows even city dwellers to commune with nature. Growing your own herbs, like basil, watercress and mint, saves money and will impress friends at your next dinner party.


6. Clean Naturally
Use common household items like baking soda and vinegar to clean your home. You'll save on cleaning products and have a spotless home, sweet home.


7. Hang Up on Telemarketers
Register you number with the Do Not Call Registry. You should be free of the pesky calls for 5 years. Make sure to register your cell phone too.


8. Rise and Shine
Let the kids set their own alarm clocks, set the breakfast table before bedtime, and turn off the television to shave precious moments off your morning routine.

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