Advice on Balancing and Having Fun

Written by Sierra Alvis

Self-help advice on creating balance by remember your child inside. Remember the joy of swinging high enough to reach the sky? Discover how children's games can reconnect you with your playful side.

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Have you ever wondered why children laugh so much and fall asleep so easily? It's probably because they know something we don't. For those of us without small children, the simple act of pumping away on a swing is a lost love.

Taking part in some of the playful activities listed below will help reacquaint you with the playful side of yourself, unleash creativity, blow off steam or remember some long-forgotten fun.

Make an art project. Build a mobile, make a collage, finger paint, build a sand castle or color.

Have a slumber party with your spouse or best friend. Tell ghost stories, eat dinner at a backyard picnic, rent your favorite childhood movie and watch while snacking on real, stove-popped popcorn.

Play. Climb on a jungle gym, dance naked in the kitchen, play hide and seek with your lover, do somersaults, blow bubbles or jump on your bed.

It's about simplicity, the art of living with less but having more.

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