Advice On-The-Go: Connect With Yourself

Written by Sierra Alvis

Are you feeling disconnected with yourself lately?  Feel like you are just going through the motions?  Read on for 9 quick tips on re-connecting with your spirit:

1. Find your inner beauty
Take time daily to remind yourself of what makes you truly special on the inside. Congratulate yourself on being patient, a good listener or having a gentle nature.

2. Take a walk
No time to meditate? Walking exercises both body and mind. As you become conscious of your steps hitting the earth, you'll feel more connected to the world.

3. Soothe your soul with a fountain
The sound of running water is both soothing and uplifting. Sitting quietly beside a fountain can help quiet your mind, opening you up to meditation or prayer.

4. Create your own spiritual community Just as an exercise partner helps you stick to a workout routine, a spiritual partner makes it easier to explore mediation and prayer. Spiritual book clubs, walking groups, and scriptural study partners ways to start building community.

5. Learn dreamspeak
Dreams can help you sort out your thoughts and find motivation. By keeping a dream journal, you'll learn to recognize patterns and themes that can give insight into your waking life.

6. Make a joyful noise
Whether you let loose in the shower, during your commute, or behind closed doors, singing is a great stress-buster. Sing whatever comes to mind, without worrying about sounding foolish, and you'll find a true expression of your spirit.

7. Nurture with nature
Let the earth help you connect to your spiritual side. Take a few minutes out of your day to gaze at the moon, watch a flock of birds, or walk barefoot in the grass.

8. Free-write
Ask yourself, "How do I become more spiritual?" Set a timer for 10 to 15 minutes, pick up a pen and start writing. Write whatever comes to mind, not lifting your pen from the page until the timer goes off. You'll be surprised at the answers you'll find.

9. Take a vision quest
Head for nature with one goal in mind, opening up to spirituality. Whether guided by a professional, or going it alone, soul searching treks can connect you to your higher goals.

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