Practical Spirituality for Busy People

Written by Pat Sullivan

You feel the call to spiritual growth. You long for the insight and aliveness you normally find only through meditation orbalancing at work to find spiritual growth prayer. Your compassionate self longs to serve; your creativity cries for expression. Yet you're so busy you barely have five minutes to call your own. .

Fortunately, there's hope for days like this. Spirit is everywhere. You don't have to abandon your responsibilities to find the guidance you need to live with more integrity, purpose and joy. 

Be present to the joy you bring in your daily tasks.
Don't try too hard to be a saint.
"Do small things with great love." — Mother Teresa
Listen to what your life is already telling you.
Pray your way through daily tasks and be open to receiving grace.

In Awake My Soul: Practical Spirituality for Busy People, Timothy K. Jones says he is constantly discovering the presence of God in the midst of chores like chauffering the kids or vacuuming. "Nothing, not even busyness," he writes, "need separate us from the love of God we long for. Not when God can be found in the midst of life itself."

stephen covey videoWatch this video of Stephen Covey on priorities and balance.

Jones believes it is possible to cultivate awareness of God in the midst of horrendously busy days. In fact, for many of us that is the only way it can happen, at least in the short term, he says.

Here are some ways that he suggests we can introduce richness and depth of spirit into busy days:

      >Don't try too hard to be a saint. However, take a cue from Mother Teresa, who said, "Do small things with great love."

      >Listen to what your life is already telling you. Notice clues and options you might otherwise overlook. 

      >Accept your faults and fears and pray your way through daily tasks. Then be open to receiving spiritual grace.

Jones admits that cultivating a sense of God's presence isn't terribly easy, but the richness and depth God brings even to ordinary moments makes it well worth the effort.

Photographer: John Hix 

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