Trouble Sleeping?

Written by Paul Wolf

"I wouldn't lose sleep over it," says your friend.

Easier said than done.

We've all had nights during which we toss and turn, unable to stop worrying about a particular problem. But some of us make an unhealthy habit of it.

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There's nothing like a good night's sleep after sex.

In The Chronic Pain Control Workbook, author Ellen Mohr Catalano not only warns against compulsive worry over problems, but rituals that may indirectly cause agitation. In other words, don't get into bed only to start mentally reviewing the next day's agenda.

Break the habit by setting aside time each morning to review the day ahead or to troubleshoot a nagging problem. And make a firm decision not to address troublesome topics before you hit the sheets.

If your pattern of bedtime problem solving persists, the author suggests saying the word, "stop," as many times as needed.

By adopting these techniques, you'll not only get a better night's sleep, you'll also be able to problem solve feeling well-rested and focused.

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