Successful Sleep Strategies on Flights

Written by Paul Wolf

Self-help advice to insuring successful sleep on long flights.
There is no better feeling than sleeping away the hours on an airplane.

There's also no worse feeling than planning to sleep on your flight and having to stay up all night.
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Here are four strategies for sound sleep from takeoff to landing:

1. Pack earplugs.
You may never need earplugs at home, but on a plane they're essential. If the crying baby (every red-eye has one) doesn't keep you up all night, the chatterbox next to you will. Tune out your environment and you have a chance at sleep.

2. Bring a sweater and an inflatable pillow.
Those thin little blankets just don't cut it. Airline pillows aren't top flight, either. If you're cold and your neck is cramped, don't count on catching any z's.

3. Don't forget food.
There are only two problems with airplane food: It's not very good, and there isn't enough of it.

It's hard to sleep if you are hungry, but there is more to it. So much time on a plane is spent waiting to be fed, eating and waiting for the mess to be taken away. If you have cheese sticks, nuts, sliced apples and sports bars in your bag, you might choose to sleep through the meal and everything that comes before and after.

4. Ask for a window seat.
You can pull off a quasi-fetal position by placing the pillow against the juncture where the seat and the window meet. Plus, no one will wake you and stir you out of your seat when they need to go to the bathroom.

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