Suffering from Insomnia?

Sleep-starved?  It's bad enough having insomnia. Then you start worrying about its impact onwhat to do when you can't sleep and have insomnia you; one more thing to fret about as you toss and turn.

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In Tired All The Time: How To Regain Your Lost Energy, Dr. Ronald Hoffman explains the dynamics of this vicious circle. "An initial period of stress may lead to sleeplessness and then the sufferer begins to worry about lack of sleep, perpetuating the problem."

The solution is simple: Adopt a "Who cares how much I sleep?" attitude.

While sleeplessness does affect physical and mental performance, according to one of the world's leading sleep scholars, Dr. William Dement, most of us live and function with a degree of sleep debt. That is the reality of our lifestyles.

So don't be a perfectionist about sleep. To say, "I'm useless if I don't get my eight hours," is a sure way to send you right into the center of that vicious circle.

A daily dose of exercise will keep you alert during the day, and may even help you sleep better at night.

Remember that the less you worry, the more you'll sleep.

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