Sleep Deprivation Self-Help Advice

Written by Paul Wolf

Here's some great advice to help you with snoring and lack of sleep. 

How would you feel if someone told you your daytime fatigue problem was an undetected ailment that could be cured fairly readily?

Why Sleep Matters
Get a Better Night's Sleep
Sex and Sleep
Dream your way to success  
Sleep Deficit Advice
If you get your eight hours and are still dropping off in every staff meeting or at every red light, consider the possibility that you have sleep apnea. It's a condition that often goes undiagnosed.

When fat around the upper respiratory tract accumulates, most commonly in overweight, middle-aged males, your breathing gets interrupted and so does your sleep because you wake up in order to catch your breath.

Because there is a close connection between snoring and apnea, it is often the frustration of a spouse or significant other that prompts you to take action.

A sleep lab at a major hospital can hook you up with monitors that record your breathing and brain activity during the night. A doctor will analyze the results.
The first method of solving the problem is surgery to remove the excess tissue. The second is fitting you for the so-called CPAP blower, a somewhat awkward device you wear to keep the air passage open.

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