Self-Help Guide to Successful Sleep

Written by Paul Wolf

Advice on how to make sure you sleep. You'll enjoy it!get more sleep
Forget complex physiology. Forget deep relaxation in the musculature. If it's sound sleep you're after, it's enough to know that good sex may be just what you need.

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It may be that you'll sleep well because you've made the most of your night and, to quote the Hollies' tune The Air That I Breathe, there is "nothing to be desired."

Studies show you fall asleep faster after satisfying sex, although sleep patterns are no different during the night whether or not you have had an erotic romp.

In 75 Proven Ways to Get a Good Night's Sleep, Norman Ford calls sex "nature's sleeping pill."

Ford notes, however, that sexual frustrations, difficulty achieving orgasm or general strife in your relationship will add to wakefulness.

Obviously, creating a satisfying sex life with your partner is its own reward. But if better sleep comes with it, you have another thing to be thankful for.

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