Exercise to Sleep Better

Written by Paul Wolf

When you work out and how often you work out can guarantee a good night's sleep.

It's good for you, it doesn't cost you anything and it just might help you beat insomnia. Exercise is one sleep aid that can improve your health in and out of the sack. Studies show that exercisers sleep better, particularly when the activity of choice is some kind of vigorous aerobic exercise as opposed to walking or simple stretching.


Exercise insures good sleep.
Stretch to Reduce Stress
Sleep Away Your Stress
How Much Sleep Do You Need?

Insomnia as a chronic ailment is more common among the sedentary, writes Herbert Ross, author of Sleep Disorders. There are some key physiological reasons for this:

  • Exercise is a muscle relaxant, undoing the effects of stress.
  • It reduces pain associated with habitually contracting your muscles, something stressed-out people are guilty of.
  • It promotes psychological well being.
  • It helps reduce chemical waste in the tissues.

Don't exercise vigorously right before bed, writes Ross. It's better to exercise in the morning or, best of all, early evening.

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