Make Humor a Habit

Written by Heather Kim

When you're down or taking yourself too seriously, here are tips to jolt you out of the blues.

9 Ways to Make Humor a Habit: 

1. Whistle a happy tune. This may sound corny, but you can blow dark clouds away by practicing this technique. You may not be able to change your reality, but you can change your response to reality.

2. Use the power of props. In office break rooms throughout the country, "Dilbert" comic strips can be found reminding people of what they already know: Insanity is all around us. Don't take it too seriously.

Watch this humorous video on what your sleep position means.

3. Let your smile be your umbrella. It goes like this: If you can't laugh, smile. If you can't smile, fake a smile. Research shows that physiological changes occur when you smile. Do this enough, and you will soon think of things worth smiling about.

4. Indulge in child's play. Klein was stuck in an airport, his flight delayed. All the adults around him paced and fumed. The more resourceful kids, however, wasted no time getting down to play games. Take their lead.

5. Enjoy nonsense. Whether its Groucho glasses or whoopee cusions, take pleasure in the goofy and the absurd.

6. Relish wordplay. People who say they hate puns are usually the worst offenders. Wordplay can be a great source of entertainment.

7. Let go. Write a list of all the things you refuse to be troubled with again in your life — and then breathe a sigh of relief.

8. Find the advantage in your disadvantage. This is a variation on, "If the world gives you lemons, make lemonade."

9. Think of the world as a laugh lab. Just as there is always good reason to be serious, there is always good reason to be frivolous. Your circumstances may be beyond your control, but how you look at them is up to you.

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