Darkness and Sleep: Advice & Self-Help

Written by Paul Wolf

Self-help advice on successfully preparing for sleep. Think of it as a treat for yourself.

Remember summer camp? "Lights out" meant time for sleep, even if you sometimes stayed up until midnight telling dirty jokes in hushed tones. On most nights, slumber came easily.

If you have trouble sleeping now that you are an adult, try putting yourself in a dark environment an hour or so before sleep time. Read with just enough light on the page, and darkness everywhere else.

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Our species has been around a million years, so artificial lighting is a recent invention. Darkness is nature's original downtime cue.

Watch this video on getting a better night's sleep.

In Sleep Well Tonight: Sure Fire Solutions for A Good Night's Rest, Harriet Griffey writes that research shows "dimming the bedroom lights prior to sleep helps the body to begin its slowing down process."

She recommends that you also take measures to protect yourself from light outside your room, such as reinforcing the blinds or shades.

It's important that your mind and your body know it's bedtime.



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