The Single Most Powerful Action: Voting

Author: Helen Whelan

"Four years ago, only 36 percent of Americans cast ballots in the midterm elections. Had more people showed up, the Senate may well have remained in Democratic control, Mitch McConnell would not be the majority leader and Judge Merrick Garland would now be Justice Garland. In the days and months ahead, remember this."  NYT's Editorial Board

What's the word: "startling," sad, infuriating, demoralizing"?  64% of eligible voters did NOT vote in the last mid-term election!  When you think of how much your life is affected on a daily basis by the rights enforced or not by the U.S. Supreme Court like the right (or not) to have an abortion or the right not be politically discriminated against based on your religion, race or sex, or, the laws passed or not to increase/decrease spending for -- you name it-- defense, Social Security, medicare,etc.  The list really goes on and on.  What are you waiting for?

Register to vote!



Creating a Patient-Centered Way to Die

Author: Helen Whelan

by Helen Whelan

It seems all my friends are grappling with how to help their elderly parents as they age. It's the end of life, when they get dementia or some horrible physical illness, that is the hardest.elderly care

I know because my mom died of dementia. This is probably the most insipid disease because of it's long, incrutiatingly slow decline. My mom was not able to speak. She was highly anxious and it was very hard to know what she wanted or needed. Health care aides were on hand to help with her every need: moving her so she didn't get bed sores, helping her eat, dressing her, cleaning her.  But, in all of this, we really didn't know what she needed.


Yes, You Can Get Affordable HealthCare in 2018

Author: Helen Whelan

Open enrollment for Affordable Care Act insurance, known as Obamacare, starts November 1st and ends December 15th.   While there's been so much confusion because of efforts by Republicans and President Trump to dismantle this healthcare, we thought we'd provide facts so that you or folks you know have the resources to buy inexpensive insurance next year.ACA.5factstogetcovered

Remember, if you don't buy this insurance, you'll pay a minimum of $695 in tax penalties.  You might as well use that money to buy insurance for yourself and/or your family. In fact, you might wind up getting health insurance for free!  In New York, most people can find a plan for as little as $50 a month or even free. Eight out of 10 people who buy insurance through the New York State of Health site get substantial financial help to pay their insurance. According to the New York Times, which recently wrote "Yes, You Can Still Enroll in Obamacare":

Regulators in Florida and New York said that residents of those states who qualified for the most generous subsidies could see lower prices next year, depending on which plan they buy. In some places, the least expensive plans could become free after customers apply their subsidies. 

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