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As a physical therapist many patients ask about different ways to avoid low back pain while traveling. A simple answer is a lumbar support, which looks like a small pillow but is curved to support the low back. This can be used by people with or without low back problems and can be small enough to travel with on a plane. There are larger lumbar supports that can be used in the car during long road trips, as well. Although this is a helpful tool, another tip that is important to remember is to try to get up from your seat on a plane or out of your car for a stretch as often as possible.

Depending on what type of back problems a person may have, sitting longer than an hour can make their final destination a disaster! Imagine flying four hours to your favorite vacation spot and you are in pain as soon as you get there and for several days after! Try to avoid this by getting up every hour on the plane and just walking up and down the aisle.

Another issue that may arise while traveling and sitting too long are circulation problems.leg circulation for flying When the feet and legs are in the "dependent" or down position for too long naturally swelling can occur, but this can lead to a major problem. Blood clots in the legs can happen from lack of movement, but are more common in people with bad circulation. Pumping the ankles (pointing and flexing) for 1-2 minutes every so often is one way to avoid this. Many people wear knee high compression stockings while traveling on long plane flights to avoid swelling. These stockings do not need to be very tight, just enough to keep swelling down while sitting for hours. Again getting up and walking around will help, but while sitting move the feet and ankles as much as possible.

Ask your doctor if you are at risk for any of these issues when going on long trips, either by car or plane so pain will not be something on your mind while traveling this summer!

Contributed by Krista Magnoli, PTA and Nancy Whelan, PT @ The Physical Therapy Center in West Palm Beach, FLorida.



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Identify Regret and Choose a New Response Courage is not something we stumble upon as we round the corner of the cubicle at the office, but a practical internal resource—a portfolio of personal assets that can bolster your position in defining moments.courage to become your true self

A woman I will call Emily, an art gallery owner, repeatedly relied on courage in her work. She moved from Colorado to California and back again in her quest for professional satisfaction. Recognizing the potential for failure, she remained true to her essence and refused to settle for less. Emily wielded courage action skills to forge her niche in the art world in spite of significant obstacles. She placed her commitment to the work she loved at the very center of her being.

Courage dictates that you love your work or you change it. This is what moves you through the mirage of mirrors. A great life has meaning. Emily lives a meaningful life because she has claimed the courage necessary to pursue meaningful work in spite of discouraging impediments.

As you learn to find courage in ordinary life, figure out what triggers the habitual behaviors of your old scripts and look for a matching regret. Identifying the underlying regret empowers you to choose a new response that leads to a more meaningful, fulfilling life. Mary Oliver says in her poem “When Death Comes,” “I don’t want to end up simply having visited this world.”

Are you a participant in your life or just an actor in a minor role? Are you tortured by regrets? David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D. writes in The Eye of the I: “We change the world not by what we say or do but as a consequence of what we have become.”

Photo: Painted Hall of Mirrors series by Amanda Clyne

Sandra Ford Walston is known as The Courage Expertand innovator ofStuckThinking™. Featured on the speaker circuit as witty, provocative, concrete and insightful, she has sparked positive change in the lives of thousands of leaders each year. She found that there is a direct correlation between your success quotient and your courage quotient.

She is the internationally published author of bestseller COURAGE The Heart and Spirit of Every Woman, the follow-up book The COURAGE Difference at Work: A Unique Success Guide for Women (formerlySTUCK) and FACE IT! 12 Courageous Actions that Bring Success at Work and Beyond. All three books are on based 20 years of original courage research.

Sandra is certified in the Enneagram and MBTI® and she is a Newfield Network coach. Please

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Birthday Milestones Are Not Set in Stone If you've recently celebrated a landmark birthday, you may be thinking about the milestones in your life. Crossing from one personal decade into another is a significant event and takes on a life of its own. Connecting with friends who are also making this transition can help focus on what you've gained over the years – memories, perspective, wisdom – rather than on what you've lost – agility, some energy, your youth!

Even though the signpost for an event may be firmly planted and unchangeable, our reactions to it are certainly not set in stone. We have choices to make about how we want to continue on the journey. As we each write our own life stories, here are some of the options that remain open:

Choose which road to take. At any age, we often have several different opportunities available – what interest to pursue, where to live, which job to take. These diverse paths may converge on the same endpoint or they may take us in completely different directions. We may not know the outcome when we begin, but we do have the ability to change course along the way if our initial choice does not seem to be working well.

Decide how to travel the path. For some, being in control and knowing what to expect along the way create an environment of trust. This grounding can bring greater confidence and even the ability to bounce back after a letdown. Other times without overly planning, we can enjoy the result of serendipity and take joy in the unexpected. 

Pick who will accompany you. Do you enjoy spending time with old friends and family who know you best? Or do you prefer meeting new people along the way and learning about their differences? Do you resonate with those in your own age group or would you rather hang out with younger or older folks? Do you like to hang out with one especially close person or a group of friends? Perhaps you may prefer some solitude and choose to take a part of the trip solo.

Select how fast you will go. You may be filled with ambition and motivation to accomplish a specific goal in record time. Or at this point in your life, you may want to enjoy the process of the journey itself as you 'stop and smell the roses.' Your experience along the way will be a result of how you choose to structure this part of your travels. You can focus like a laser on the task at hand or explore and encounter alternatives at the edges.

When you recognize your part in the process, you can use these tips to guide you. The choices you make after a milestone event give you the freedom to direct how you might be celebrating the next significant occasion in your life. So get started and have the confetti nearby.

© 2014, Her Mentor Center

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How to Catch a Little Courage for a New Career Sold your soul (again!)? Call it what you want, but you know the feeling. You’ve been at your job for over five years and you’re stuck. It’s all you talk about—how you’re uninspired, how your talents aren’t appreciated, how you feel invisible …. But talk is cheap, and if you don’t step up and do something about it (updating your resume, finding a career coach or learning new skills) you will stay stuck for a long time.courageous discipline to find a job

When you find yourself stuck in an unrewarding job doing thankless work, how do you move forward? Can you identify the obstacles that keep you stuck, behaviors like intimidation, apathy, manipulation or self-neglect? Once you see the obstacles holding you back, do you have the courage to overcome them?

If you feel like someone has clipped your wings, if you live with a sense of regret, if you live in blame, or if you have a hard time making positive career transitions, you may wish to implement these simple Dos and Don’ts:

DON’T stay stuck in conformity (a courage killer). Take the steps to eliminate apathy.

DO focus on instilling self-discipline and maintain a tough measure of accountability. Self-discipline thwarts any mediocrity that might keep you stuck in regret.

DON’T allow self-neglect to undercut your self-esteem during demanding.

DO declare your courageous intentions so you learn to motivate yourself from within. Hard decisions come alive in the questions, not the answers. Questions inspire actions. See events as opportunities rather than sources of apprehension.

DON’T allow yourself to remain invisible under the false pretense that blending in or staying neutral keeps you safe.

DO determine how courage can self-differentiate you and showcase your talents. The driver behind courage is the meaningfulness of your life. Finding what you love will be your brand trademark. This trademark communicates your spirit’s purpose as well as your convictions.

DON’T let denial cause your career to stagnate. Staying stuck hinders courage consciousness.

DO remember this ancient Chinese proverb: “He who hesitates before each step spends his life on one leg.” Stepping up reinforces your reservoir of courage, which sustains you until you are ready to take the next exciting step. Living in courage is economical—it cuts out a myriad of missteps.

DON’T linger in inertia. Inertia keeps us stuck in unfulfilling jobs and creates a false sense of safety.

DO rely on your courage to embrace change. Courage promotes the self-empowerment to rise above a “stuck” mindset. A courage mindset allows you to embrace the opportunities you face on your journey. Are you willing to give yourself permission to claim your courage?

DON’T stay stuck in blame.

DO work without regrets. Regrets are lost courage. Ask yourself: “Is some aspect of my personality constantly tripping me up, repeatedly causing regret and then placing the blame elsewhere?” Begin to notice your emotional triggers, the people or circumstances that set you off.


Sandra Ford Walston is known as The Courage Expertand innovator of StuckThinking™. Featured on the speaker circuit as witty, provocative, concrete and insightful, she has sparked positive change in the lives of thousands of leaders each year. She found that there is a direct correlation between your success quotient and your courage quotient.


She is the internationally published author of bestseller COURAGEThe Heart and Spirit of Every Woman, the follow-up book to COURAGE,The COURAGE Difference at Work: A Unique Success Guide for Women (formerlySTUCK) and FACE IT! 12 Courageous Actions Bring Success at Work and Beyond. All three books are on based 20 years of original courage research. She is certified in the Enneagram and MBTI® and she is a Newfield Network coach. Please


Watch this YouTube:Courageous Leadership


Follow me on Twitter@courageexpert andFacebook


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All Rights Reserved


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Tai Chi Walk for Fun and Improving Balance In this video clip I am demonstrating a slow and controlled Tai Chi walk. You will only see the leg movements because we are focusing on the weight bearing aspect of this exercise as well as balance.

 that the exercise is performed slowly, with controlled movements to recruit several different muscle groups. Watch the clip as many times as you need before performing the walk to make sure you are clear on the proper movements. As mentioned in the video, you want to maintain the proper posture and keep the core tight.

First I put my legs in a staggered stance position, with one foot backwards and the other in front with the toe pointed outward. As I begin the first step I shift my weight onto the back foot, lifting the toe of the front foot, keeping the heel down. Then, as I shift my weight forward onto the front leg, the back leg will start to come forward, making a big circle away from my body. As the foot comes down the heel should be the first thing to touch the floor. This is the first complete step of the Tai Chi walk.

Again, watch the video first to make sure you are making the circle in the correct direction. Think about what you are trying to achieve with this exercise. It is meant to be slow to force your body to balance and control the motions.

To start the next step, the toe of the front foot comes up (heel down) shifting the weight backwards. Then the weight shifts forward as the back leg lifts up, drawing a big circle away from the body and planting the foot with the heel down first. That is two complete steps of a Tai Chi walk.  

Watching the video while doing the exercise may really help, but remember the Tai Chi walk takes practice so take your time and give it a try!

If you are interested in buying the full osteoporosis DVD, contact the Physical Therapy Center.

Contributed by Krista Magnoli, PTA @ The Physical Therapy Center in West Palm Beach, FLorida.

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